Cabinet d'Orthopédie Dento-Faciale à Nantes (centre-ville)

Dr Eric MEYER Orthodontiste exclusif (enfants et adultes)

2 rue Bertrand Geslin - 44000 Nantes - Tél. : 02 40 73 58 57
    Chirurgien-Dentiste, spécialiste qualifié en orthopédie dento-faciale

    - Ancien Assistant
    - Ancien chargé de cours à la Faculté d'Odontologie de Nantes
    - Orthodontie de l'enfant et de l'adulte
    - Orthodontie vestibulaire classique et céramique
    - Traitement par gouttières invisibles

    Inscription à l'Ordre n° 44 4 01632 3
Dr MEYER is pleased to welcome you to the Orthodontics practice website


About us

The orthodontics practice is located in Nantes (44000)
Dr MEYER and his team greet you in a modern and hygienic clinic.

We are eager to provide you with the best care and the latest information about orthodontic treatments.

Notre salle de soins
Notre salle de soins
Notre salle de soins
Traçabilité de la stérilisation
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First consult and new patients

The first consult starts with a discussion regarding any dental concerns you may have, or that you may have had.

During this first consult, a medical form has to be filled out regarding your medical history. We need to be aware of anything that could influence your dental treatment. We take any necessary radiographs and analyse your teeth, jaw and soft tissues inside your mouth. With all these information, it is  possible to discuss all the possible treatments available to you.

No treatment is usually carried out on the first visit, unless it is to alleviate pain or you request us to do so.

Meet the team

Assistante dentaire qualifiée
Aide opératoire et en charge de la stérilisation du matériel.
Accueil et secrétariat du cabinet.

Why choose us

We spend time with our patients in a professional and yet relaxed atmosphere.

Our aim is to provide you with the highest standard of specialist dental care at all times.


Orthodontics treatments : We can provide you with all kind of orthodontic treatments.
They are to be discussed privately with Dr MEYER

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